At influenzone we have created a one stop hub where clients and brands come together to leverage their current consumers into brand advocates. We help brands reach out to people who have similar interests and complementary businesses. While brands can look at leaving an everlasting influence on their target audience, influencers, on the other hand can look at working on some of the best campaigns out there.


For Brand :

We select a set of people, also known as ‘Brand Advocates’ to drive a thought for the brand. A positive mention of your product/service by an influencer offers you instantaneous credibility with their audience and that is what we intend to do

Through a detailed process we have mapped out our brand advocates and segregated them according to various interest areas.

For Influencers :

Influencers can be a part of influenzone and access all our existing and past campaigns. We empower them to share content and spread a brand’s message across channels.


Pawan Kumar Jaiswal

Head of Operations

Been in the industry for long enough to know what is needed for the brands to succeed. Heading the Operations for influenzone, Pawan’s goal is to create a transparent platform that benefits the brands and users alike.

Trishal Pincha

Influence Alliance

Full of energy and enthusiasm, She is what you need to bring in a sense of passion and credibility for the various brand campaigns. She leads the initiative, bringing brand and social advocates together to achieve desired result.

Abhishank Babbar


A Story teller during the day. Caped Crusader in the night. He is your (un)friendly neighborhood superhero. Ninjas and Pirates and Lasers and shit.

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